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About Me

“Succeed because you are the best, 
not because someone else failed”

Who am I?

Despite being only 18 years old, I am an experienced international dressage rider consistently ranking in the top 20 on the FEI world rankings in my age group. To date, I have more than 70 international starts at some of the biggest shows in Europe and took both my Junior horses to their first international shows.

My love for riding began with a little grey pony called Poppet, who my parents would pop me on before I could even walk. As I got a little older, I headed off to Pony Club with my then pony, Georgie. I was very keen on Show Jumping in the early days. I had no interest in dressage at all, despite Mum being an international dressage rider! All I wanted to do was jump.

My passion for dressage crept in slowly through accompanying Mum at competitions. A rider and a coach, she has trained three different people to five different Europeans, all on different horses. I had an incredible role model right there!

From there, we found Mighty Max, a 12.2hh pony who gave me my first taste of BYRDS at just eight years old. The pinnacle moment, when I really knew dressage was what I wanted to do, was when I went to Compienge to watch my Mum compete. I watched Pheobe Peters ride a test with SL Lucci and, as she finished, remember turning to Mum and saying, “this is what I want to do.”

I was lucky that my next pony, Gigolo, was the best schoolmaster I could have asked for. He had been there and done it all. Gigolo really set me up for Ponies and in our first season together in 2016, we were selected as reserve for the FEI Pony European Championships. We ended up being called up to compete and so headed to my first Europeans. I was the youngest rider competing having just turned 12, but on the oldest pony!

Towards the end of that season, I started to compete internationally with Valido’s Sunshine who we had bought back in 2015. I continued competing both Gigolo and Valido’s Sunshine internationally throughout the 2017 season and at the end of that season, was given the opportunity to ride SL Lucci, which was ironic given that he was the turn point a couple of years prior.

Throughout the 2018 and 2019 seasons I competed Valido’s Sunshine and Mister Snowman at international level. I was selected for the 2018 Europeans with Valido’s Sunshine where the team finished in fourth place. In 2019, Mister Snowman and I made the European selection where we finished 10th individually, ranking us 16th in the world.

The 2020 season saw us produce some great results, despite being cut short. At CDI Le Mans, I beat the world number one to first place. It was a shame to miss my final Europeans at Pony level, but I was pleased to finish my time on ponies ranking 14th in the world.

In 2021, I competed new ride, Gracia LH, in Juniors taking her to her first international competition. She was green at advanced-medium so we used the season as a learning curve to gain experience at that level. In the last selection trial for Europeans, we came second in our individual test which was a fantastic achievement.

In July 2021, I got the ride of Mount St John Furstin Fugger (Fiji). We first competed together in August and were selected for Keysoe in October. Heading into the 2022 season, I had big ambitions to finish off our time in Juniors on a high. We placed second and third at Compiegne (second behind the world number two) and were selected for reserve. We finished our last Junior season at Nationals where we came third scoring just short of 71%.

Going forward I aim to take my passion for dressage, and producing incredible athletes, to the next level and expand my current horse team. I am passionate about working with owners, breeders and businesses to create the perfect environment for everyone to thrive and perform and welcome you to join me on the journey…

Everything is for the horse

Living with horses my whole life has really given me an amazing opportunity to see them right from birth to retirement.

Everything we do at Kingswood is for the benefit of the horse and to help them achieve their maximum performance when it matters.

We really do live by the motto that success shouldn’t be achieved at any cost

I am extremely fortunate to be based with my parents at Kingswood, a business in its 3rd generation, built from the ground up over close to 40 years. Here we have every facility needed to produce horses to the highest level.

The horses experience a wide variety of activities from pole work to the water treadmill and most things in-between.

We have non waxed riding surfaces and also run regular BD shows on-site. 

Experience & Team

I have the most amazing horse support team around me.

Without them and the guys back at home this would be an impossible dream.

Partnership Opportunities

I am passionate about working with owners, breeders and businesses to create the perfect environment for everyone to thrive and perform.