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Business, Sponsors and plans for the future.

    I thought I would give some background into some of the brands I already work with, as well as my aims for the future to give you an insight into the direction I’d like to steer my business. I’m opting for a unique approach and hope that I can build a business that works for all parties involved; myself, my business/brand partners, my owners and my horses.

    So, let me start by introducing some of the businesses and brands that I currently work with:

    Me and Simon Middleton from Zebra Products – the UK distributor for Cavalleria Toscana

    Cavalleria Toscana

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Cavalleria Toscana clothing and have been riding in it for a number of years now. It is absolutely my go-to for training and competition wear and you will very rarely see me wearing anything else. I love its ability to be super stylish yet still remain the most comfortable clothing to wear around the yard and in the saddle. The fit and material is second to none and this is testament to the time spent designing to get it right. They really have thought of every last detail and it shows.

    Me and Gracia at Wellington CDI 2021 sporting the super comfy Mattes saddle cloth and back pad


    The quality of Mattes lambskin products is exceptional. In fact, we have some on the yard that are at least nine years old and still look as good as new. Their saddle pads are especially useful after clipping and I have never had a saddle pad rub, even on the most sensitive skins. Their headcollars are also smart and comfortable so perfect for travelling, especially on long journeys overseas.

    Whatever your mood of the day there is a uvex hat to suit!

    uvex Equestrian

    These riding helmets are unquestionably the most comfortable and stylish hats out there. UVEX’s main priority is safety and the new technologies they have created make you feel as safe as you could possibly be, whether riding or working on the ground. As well as manufacturing riding helmets, they also make helmets for other sports such as skiing and cycling, and health and safety gear for the construction industry, so you really are in safe hands!

    Me and Fiji at Keysoe CDI 2021 flying the Cavalor flag!

    Cavalor Direct

    I use Cavalor feed, supplement and care products and I love the amount of research that goes into each and every one of their products. They have an extensive range that caters for every need and only use the highest quality ingredients. Cavalor is also the official FEI nutrition partner which means every product is FEI legal. Being an international rider, clean sport is of the upmost importance to me and it’s a relief to be able to rely on their products to ensure everything I use is safe and legal. I whole-heartedly believe that Cavalor’s ArtiTec joint supplement gave Gigolo an extra couple of seasons and kept him looking and feeling his best throughout.

    I am delighted, and extremely grateful, to be working alongside some incredible businesses already. My passion lies in working with those that share my values for optimising the health, comfort and performance of these incredible athletes. I want to work mutually with businesses to contribute towards marketing and promotional campaigns, increase sales and help them thrive.

    I am committed to staying true to my values and so I only work with businesses and brands that I genuinely believe in and use because I see a benefit in my horses, my riding or myself.

    I am also looking to expand my current horse team and welcome new owners too. My aim is to create an environment that works for everyone, and I invite you to get in touch and arrange to visit the yard to see for yourself what we’re all about!