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Our Home & Team

I am luckY to be based with my family at kingswood

Our Home

I am extremely fortunate to be based with my parents at Kingswood, a business in its 3rd generation, built from the ground up over nearly 40 years.

At Kingswood we put the horse first and really consider what they need. Each is an individual.

Covering close to 40 acres, each horse has individual turn out and access to any facilities needed to get the best out of them. From water treadmills to horse walkers. Indoor and outdoor arenas and a lunge pen.

Alongside all these amazing facilities I also have the privilege to work with some of the top professionals in sport for both horse and my performance.

Take a look around some of our facilities below and the amazing support team.

Everything is for the horse

Living with horses my whole life has really given me an amazing opportunity to see them right from birth to retirement.

Everything we do at Kingswood is for the benefit of the horse and to help them achieve their maximum performance when it matters.

We really do live by the motto that success shouldn’t be achieved at any cost

I am extremely fortunate to be based with my parents at Kingswood, a business in its 3rd generation, built from the ground up over close to 40 years. Here we have every facility needed to produce horses to the highest level.

The horses experience a wide variety of activities from pole work to the water treadmill and most things in-between.

We have non waxed riding surfaces and also run regular BD shows on-site. 

My Support Team

Jon Nunn FWCF

Jon is one of the top farriers in the world as both a Fellow and examiner for the WCF.

As a key member of the Werkman team, Jon and I use the latest gait analysis systems to ensure all the horses are shod to absolute perfection – and to monitor any changes in their gaits.

James Bowdler MSC BVMS MRCVS

James has been a valued member of the team at Kingswood for more than 10 years. He keeps my horses in top veterinary condition, deals with all our vaccinations and travel documents.

James is also trained in the use of acupuncture as well as possessing all the very latest equipment for equine evaluation.


Tim is a Chartered physiotherapist and widely regarded as the leading equine physio in the UK.

Tims visits us and works on keeping the horses performing to their optimal levels. He is key to our prevention programme, ensuring our horses remain fit and well throughout the season.

Nicola Lickley

My mum has been there for me from the start and pretty much single handedly got me to 3 European championships.

An international rider herself, she has also trained two other people to European Championship level at ponies and paras.

Where would I be without her helping me every day in the school and sharing all that experience!

Peter Storr

In 2022 I began also training with Peter Storr to supplement my knowledge and get a perspective from an FEI 5* judge.

I visit Peter every other week and he also trains me during team camps and training weekends.

To have someone with his experience as part of my team is just amazing.

Partnership Opportunities

I am passionate about working with owners, breeders and businesses to create the perfect environment for everyone to thrive and perform.