Sunshine at CDIP Roosendaal

I love this show. Gigs and I had great fun in our first season here – earlier in the year.

Even though he decided to throw himself on the floor on top of me!

Indoor this time and Sunshine coped so well with the atmosphere.

The team test was strong and I was pleased to finish 5th with 70.556%.

The individual is still not quite perfected but I was happy with 68.821% as it put me in the top 15 and into the music.

Sunshines music is still not quite finished so I had to use Gigolos – and the test plan and music are not really ideal for her.

We had good fun, but the mark of 68.5% really reflected the fact.

Had such an amazing time with my best pony friends Sophie and Sophie and cant wait to get 2017 started!

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