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Turning focus to my own self-development and expanding my repertoire.

    While I’ve had a bit of an enforced break from riding (injury!), I’ve had time to start working on my business and mapping out where I want to be in the future, which is very exciting! It still all seems quite surreal that I’m here, working with some incredible people and planning what direction I move forward in.

    First on my list was signing up to become a trainee judge. This is a scheme run by British Dressage that offers you the opportunity to receive support and guidance through a selection of both non-technical and technical modules as you journey to become a listed Judge. Aside from adding another string to my bow, I think this will give me valuable insight into test riding and understanding where the judge is coming from in awarding marks. I believe this will in turn help me improve my own riding and my horses training considerably. I have the induction process to complete and from there I aim to start my training in December.

    Me and the #1 trainer in Compiegne this summer!

    Next on the agenda is gaining my UKCC Level 2 coaching qualification. This will give me a fantastic starting point for coaching and help me become a good coach in the future. I will be starting that in 2023 with the aim of completing my UKCC level 3 the following year. I believe that being qualified gives accreditation and offers riders confidence and reassurance that you are continually developing and maintaining good practise. I can’t wait to get started with this and look forward to supporting many future young riders work towards achieving their dreams.

    Im so lucky to be working with my friend Guy Reynolds who’s helping me with my teaching technique and lesson planning. I run training sessions on a Friday evening at Kingswood – they are free – so if you want to come along and be a guinea pig you are more than welcome. Just drop me a message and we can arrange times.

    Riding wise, over the next few years I plan to continue with Young Riders and expand my horse team, hopefully joined by some new owners who want to share in this journey. Another focus is bringing on my young horses. I have one two-year-old that particularly excites me who will be backed towards the end of next year. She’s very special and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. I also have two yearlings, and this year we bought three foals, so we have some incredible prospects coming through over the next few years.

    In addition to my own horses, I am actively looking for horses and owners to join me. I love working with horses at any level, whether breakers or top-level competition horses, and welcome anyone interested to come and have a chat, visit the yard and see what I can offer.

    My big aim is to produce my little gang of horses up through the levels and begin working on Grand Prix in the next couple of years. Long-term, when out of the youth system and riding at GP level, I’d love to take that into teams and nations cups. To ride for team GB at the very top level of my sport would be the absolute pinnacle. 

    My riding break is coming to an end and I am so eager to get back in the saddle and put plans into action!